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Benefits of mashed potatoes for diet

Benefits of mashed potatoes for diet

 The benefits of potatoes mashed useful and healthy for the simple reason that he should come bulk quantity of the diet of fruits and vegetables, and the consumption of boiled potatoes helps in reaching the required amount per week of vegetables, through one ate the potato well-known .

Potatoes are starchy vegetables, of which nasash should consume 5 cups per week for 6 cups for men.

Mashed potatoes in particular contribute to a healthy diet and provide some good benefits, and to get those benefits you must follow a healthy preparation method to avoid consuming too much saturated fat.

What are the benefits of mashed potatoes

- He needs one cup of mashed potatoes with milk to 175 calories maximum.

- Most of the strength of potatoes comes from its carbohydrate content, each cup contains 37g of carbohydrates, of which 3.2 g of dietary fiber.

These carbohydrates provide energy to humans, but fiber helps to resist constipation and feel full longer after a meal.

- Potatoes also contain a small amount of protein of 4 g per cup, and 1 g fat maximum, and the fat content will increase to 4 g in the dish when adding a teaspoon of butter or fat to the potatoes.

- Potassium.

According to specialists, potassium nourishes nerves and muscles, which allows contraction and contraction of muscles, also helps maintain the balance of fluid in the body, lowers blood pressure, and relieves the body's sensitivity to salt, so foods rich in potassium benefit people who suffer from high blood pressure.

- Vitamin B6

The consumption of mashed potatoes also boosts the body with vitamin B6 or pyridoxine, which helps support metabolism, as it activates more than 100 enzymes, including proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

It also regulates the immune system to help maintain health, and helps produce neurotransmitters, a family of chemicals that the nervous system requires to function.

- A cup of mashed potatoes boosts vitamin B6 amounts by 0.49 mg, equivalent to 38% of the amount required for daily consumption.

How to prepare healthy mashed potatoes

To make a healthy dish of mashed potatoes, avoid fat milk, butter or fat, and instead try using fatless milk, give it a creamy texture by adding fat-free and unflavored yogurt, or white cheese, both of which do not contain fat and enhance the protein content of potatoes.

- The zenith dish of mashed potatoes with parsley or green onions and serve with mushrooms peppers hot.

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