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Benefits of Melissa herb

Benefits of Melissa herb

Melissa herb is considered a perennial plant. It grows near the water in much of the Levant and has other names such as turnigan or Mediterranean Bee herb because the bees are attracted to it greatly or Sufi Mint as is customary in Morocco, and it has many therapeutic benefits, but it is preferred to use fresh leaves to get the best results in treatment, its taste tends to bitter and

Benefits of medicinal herb mollisa:

1.Treatment of certain diseases of the gastrointestinal tract:

Boiling Melissa and drinking it hot before bed helps in the treatment of indigestion and chronic constipation because it contains eugenol

2.Relieve menstrual pain:

During this period, women experience a change in hormones, which leads to a feeling of nervousness, tension and lower abdominal pain.

It is also a treatment for uterine contractions and lower abdominal muscles, which greatly relieves lower abdominal pain by drinking it boiled and hot.

3.Headache treatment:

A forehead massage with Melissa leaves will help treat headaches, severe headaches and even migraines, or even drink it boiled too

4.Clean skin and eliminate grains:

After boiling and cooling, compresses can be made by wiping the skin with a soaked cotton swab to clean skin cells and eliminate acne. It is also used as a natural bacteria that may infect the skin

5.Lowering blood cholesterol:

By drinking a glass of them after eating so that they prevent the body from absorbing cholesterol and thus its percentage in the blood is reduced

6.Calm the colon:

It is recommended to drink for those who suffer from disorders of the colon


Drinking a daily glass of unsweetened hot Melissa herb infusions greatly helps in weight loss and appetite suppressant.

Prohibitions of the use of Melissa herb:

  • Not recommended for lactating and pregnant women, use it only after consulting a doctor
  • Their use is not recommended for children under the age of ten.
  • It is not recommended for use by people with thyroid infections

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