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Benefits of milk for a pregnant woman and baby

Benefits of milk for a pregnant woman and baby

The benefits of milk are important and known it is an indispensable food for children and adults, because it is an integrated food does not replace any second food and it is rich in definition:

Milk of various sources (goat, cow, sheep, reindeer) has a high nutritional value

Lime found in milk and other dairy products, no plant, no matter how high the percentage of calcium, can replace it

We get limes from drinking milk itself or by Vitamins (D, W) that help absorb limes into the blood

Legends say that the Egyptian queens used milk by soaking their bodies and putting honey and milk mixture on the skin of their faces

Milk contains ingredients that help strengthen and nourish the body, including bones such as vitamin D potassium phosphorus magnesium proteins carbohydrates and high calcium content

Milk products such as cream, yogurt, cheese, Zida, milk powder and milk powder are essential sources of calcium

 There are multiple ways to preserve milk but the best way is to boil it as the high heat kills germs, microbes, etc

 Milk is the only food for newborn babies, it contains essential ingredients for newborns

 Milk nourishes the whole body and is a bone builder and its nutrient deficiency leads to diseases such as osteoporosis especially in women who do not drink milk

Milk compensates for what the expectant mother loses from the nutrients she loses during pregnancy and after childbirth

Fetal food is related to its mother's food the higher the nutritional value, the better the health of the fetus

Gives milk skin freshness and softness, especially when mixed with honey

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