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Benefits of natural antibacterial herbal oils

Benefits of natural antibacterial herbal oils

The benefits of natural herbal oils are many for several reasons, including cinnamon, wild thyme and other famous natural oils, which have an important effect in the fight against bacteria .

1. Cinnamon oil

Not only is it flavorful in cooking, cinnamon is also used in cleansing as an anti-bacterial.

Studies published in the Journal of Contemporary Dental Practice have shown the effective effect of cinnamon oil against intestinal bacteria and its ability to inhibit their growth 7-14 days after the procedure as a natural Compatible option. Anti-bacterial gorgeous in the treatment of the root canal.

2. Wild thyme oil

Good as an antimicrobial, studies have been conducted at the University of Tennessee's Department of Food Science and Technology to assess the role of this oil in resisting the bacteria present in milk, and show the importance of the role of wild thyme oil as a great option to protect the body from bacteria by using it as a food preservative, and

3. Oregano oil

Remarkably, resistance to bacteria in antimicrobials has become a major problem in the health industry, drawing more attention to plants as available alternatives to counteract harmful bacteria.

Studies have shown that oregano oil has antibacterial properties, against certain drugs that are resistant to certain bacterial strains, and as a result its ability as an alternative in controlling certain infections.

4. Tea tree oil

Indian research has shown that tea tree oil is effective against E. coli and staph bacteria, especially when mixed with eucalyptus.

- How to use antibacterial herbal oils

There are several ways to use some herbal oils, internally provided that the oil is 100% pure.

And we'll give two antibacterial prescriptions.:

1. The first recipe: antibacterial tonic


 - 1 drop of oregano oil

- 1 drop of ginger oil

- 1 drop of peppermint oil

- 1 drop of grapefruit oil

- 1 drop of cinnamon oil

- 1 drop of wild thyme oil

- 1/2 cup of water

Method of preparation:

Mix, all the ingredients in a bottle and stir them well, drink them afterwards.


Such a mixture should be taken only by a specialist and through appropriate sources, making sure that the oils are pure, and approved for digestion. Especially when mixing several species with each other.

2. The second recipe: antibacterial topical tonic


- 1 drop of tea tree oil

- 1 drop of ginger oil

- 1 drop of vetiver.)

- 1 drop of lavender oil

- 1 teaspoon coconut oil

Method of preparation:

- All ingredients are mixed in a small bowl, or in the palm of the hand

- Grease the mixture on the abdomen or directly on the external injury area twice daily

- If any redness is observed, You should immediately stop using it.

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