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Benefits of onion juice for light hair

Benefits of onion juice for light hair

Onion juice for light hair .. This home physiotherapy may seem unacceptable to many people but it is a cure

Successful for the problem of hair loss for decades it induces hair to grow and lightens the white hair (gray hair) when painted

On the scalp.

Onion is rich in sulfur and is an essential mineral in hair building, as it improves blood flow which supplies hair follicles

The Onion also has antibacterial properties that protect the scalp from inflammation and help relieve

Hair loss, most of it contains the enzyme catalase which is anti-oxidation and prevent the appearance of white hair.

According to scientific studies, onions are likely to be a powerful home remedy for hair loss, published the Journal of pathology

Leather 2002 study show the usefulness of onion juice for hair loss, 84% of participants who applied onion juice

On hair twice daily for two months they tested that it was the best in the rate of hair regrowth compared to those who used only water

Men successfully treated better than women.

How to make onion lotion for hair growth?

  • Peel the onion and cut it in small pieces
  • Press and squeeze the onion to extract the juice you can use the food processor such as: Blender-grater and juicer
  • Massage the scalp with onion juice or cover the bald spots
  • Leave for 15 minutes (or as long as possible to withstand the smell) and then wash with a mild shampoo

Onion-honey mixture for hair growth:

  • Mix 1/4 cup of onion juice with 1 tbsp honey (if there is a need for more blender can double the quantity)
  • Apply the mixture to the scalp
  • Leave at least 30 minutes
  • The head after applying the mixture can be covered with a shower cap and left overnight
  • Wash it
  • This is a natural remedy so a person must be patient to get results it must be used on a daily basis
  • (Or at least 3 times a week) for two months to begin the hair luster

More tips for treating hair loss:

  • If you are disturbed by the strong smell of onions you can add lemon juice or rose water when washing hair can also be used
  • Essential oils such as rosemary-lavender and mint all stimulate hair to grow.
  • Can eating the honey mixture with onions oral you will get the nutrients contained in it.
  • Try adding onions to recipes this will not be faster than washing hair but it provides additional nutritional support.
  • Stop using commercial shampoos and replace them with natural shampoos with a low amount of alcohol once a week

At least so as to help the convergence of fibers in the hair.

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