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Benefits of pears for diabetics

Benefits of pears for diabetics

The benefits of pears are very many, they are of the most delicious fruits but are of the tastiest fruits the pear was mentioned in Homer's Greek poetry as the gift of the gods and there are several types of it ranging from Green to yellow speckled with red or golden yellow and Red Taste Sweet as it has a buttery flavor and despite the intensity of

Benefits of pears  :

  • There are two main types of pears, European and Asian, each branching from various varieties and all have a high nutritional value
  • Contains vitamins, starches, proteins and minerals ( iron , potassium . Calcium, phosphorus, copper and others) also contain organic acids
  • Its sugar content is poor compared to the rest of the fruit and despite its very sweet taste
  • I'm sugar pears supports ( fructose), which is very suitable for diabetics
  • Pears also have a high fiber content
  • It is light on digestive organs such as the stomach and intestines
  • Increase energy and vitality of the body without any increase in
  •  Treats high blood pressure and atherosclerosis, which protects the heart from serious diseases
  • Keeps blood vessels healthy and helps stabilize blood sugar
  • High fiber is associated with a reduced risk of developing diabetes, so pears play an important role in maintaining a normal sugar content
  • Reduces the risk of colon infections as it speeds up bowel movement and gets rid of waste
  • Promotes skin health and maintains freshness as it regenerates its cells and gives it a healthy appearance.

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