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Benefits of putting garlic clove in the ear before bedtime

Benefits of putting garlic clove in the ear before bedtime

Putting garlic clove in the ear has an important effect to treat middle ear infections and before going into details we must know that recent studies have recently shown many beneficial health effects of garlic .

Garlic is known for its ability to boost immune system function, so in the event of a cold, adding garlic to the diet can be hugely beneficial.

Garlic is a very effective antibiotic and also an anti-inflammatory, which is very effective in treating ear injuries and recurrent head pain.

Garlic grows in different regions of the world, and is famous as an important ingredient in cooking because of its pungent smell and delicious taste.

How to use fresh garlic to kill ear pain injuries in 15 minutes and completely disinfect them in 48 hours.

  1. Divide the garlic pulp into a piece the size of a plug.
  2.  Wrap them with a piece of fabric
  3.  Put the tissue in the ear canal. Without pushing it deep into the ear but rather resting in the hole as earplugs.

  • The best time to apply this method correctly, it is before going to sleep, and a piece of garlic in ear all night.
  • Garlic clove can fall off during sleep, but you should stay there for at least several hours.

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