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Benefits of quinoa for babies

Benefits of quinoa for babies

Quinoa for babies many parents tend to offer packaged juices, smoothies and milk products to babies, and these products contain high doses of sugar and caffeine. By focusing on a healthy ingredient, we can enhance the nutritional value of whole meals. Quinoa is not only a protein-rich product, but it also contains a high percentage of fiber, and is naturally gluten-free, making it an ideal choice to complement a vegan diet.

Children currently consume mainly packaged foods. They start their day early in the morning with a muesli that contains a large amount of sugar, snacks or packaged biscuits, rather than whole grains that should be their perfect breakfast. On the other hand, many parents are proud to offer their children coated “energy plates” as a kind of snack that gives them calories. In fact, “power plates” contain high doses of sugar and caffeine, contribute to weight gain, and may also contain some ingredients that are not safe for the baby.

Make “India Gate” some thoughts trusted that rely on quinoa as a favorite for the removal of children from eating junk food unhealthy. The essence of the idea is to invest time and plan for the future for a healthier family.

  • Use water / quinoa milk / quinoa smoothie instead of canned drinks and juices.
  • Replace wheat flour with quinoa flour to make cakes to offer your children a healthy snack.
  • Replace pasta and cheese breads with quinoa.
  • The combination of quinoa and burritos is incomparable fun for kids!
  • Granola quinoa bars are the perfect dose of protein and energy for children, providing them with a huge stock for a lively day.
  • Replace wheat flour with protein-rich quinoa to make pancakes.
  • Quinoa cakes are easy to prepare for birthdays too. Next time, make sure the baker uses the perfect nutrients to make your signature cake.
  • If Rice is the staple on your family table, quinoa can be an ideal substitute for them.

Many do not realize that unhealthy eating patterns will affect the health of our bodies and minds sooner or later, especially the younger generation in the long term. This is also very true of our young children who learn from our different behaviours and lifestyles.

This can be avoided by following healthy habits and choices in diets such as “quinoa”. India Gate, India's most well-known basmati rice brand, has expanded into the UAE's health food sector with the launch of India Gate Quinoa, which, due to its high nutritional value and unlimited benefits, is considered by the United Nations to be the world's future food choice.

India Gate has always observed the highest standards in the selection of healthy and useful foods, is keen to invest in them, saves all resources and focuses efforts in order to contribute to a healthy and healthy life for all individuals.

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