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Benefits of red cabbage for slimming and weight loss

Benefits of red cabbage for slimming and weight loss

The benefits of red cabbage that circular plant macaroon and brittle with red color, we see in all stores without knowing that it is a treasure, and a store of many health benefits that we know some, and we do not know many of them, let's get to know together some of the wonderful benefits of cabbage:

1. Very good for slimming and slimming

 The simplest argument for eating more cabbage, and often is the most convincing

Put a bit of cabbage in soup, would be extra delicious, nutritious, low calorie, and fat-free.

Where one cup of raw cabbage contains only 22 calories

Which means being able to eat a large amount of it without any harm, and makes a person feel full without the guilt of eating more food.

2. Cooked cabbage lowers cholesterol

The content of cabbage helps to lose weight, and the secret behind this magical method is the large amount of soluble fiber and phytosterols that prevent the digestive system from absorbing cholesterol, that evaporated ( stewed) cabbage is the most effective on cholesterol.

3. Contains a large amount of white

Cabbage contains high levels of beta-carotene, the ingredient that the body uses to make good vitamin A for a range of things most important to consider

It can prevent macular degeneration and other age-related diseases in some people

In younger people, it helps prevent some embarrassing situations, such as wearing glasses at a young age.

4. Cabbage is good for the heart and brain, no bleeding

- Cabbage contains a surprising amount of vitamin K, and in fact, by eating a single cup of raw cabbage you can get half the amount required for daily consumption of this vitamin.

- The body stores vitamin K in adipose tissue, and pulls it back when the liver needs to create clotting factors ( this is useful in wounds)

- It improves brain function

- Reduces the accumulation of minerals in the arteries ( this is good for blood pressure, and no heart attacks). Although vitamin stores in the body it's not dangerous in that means the ability to eat any significant amount of cabbage, without any fear of pressure on the arteries.

5. Fights Cancer

It is useful in fighting cancer, able to mobilize a lot of antioxidants and other anti-cancer substances that reduce carcinogen ( the substance that produces cancer) and prevent tumor development.

A study on the difference between East and West Germany showed that although people in the former East Germany are fatter, eat more fat, and have fewer fresh vegetables and fruits, they are exposed to certain types.

The number of cancers was lower than their relatives in West Germany, and the reason explained by the study is that these same people ate cabbage significantly ( 40 times more than their West German counterparts).

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