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Benefits of red garlic

Benefits of red garlic

The benefits of red garlic are very many and the Russian red garlic is also called elephant garlic, which is no different from traditional garlic at all, and was moved to North America by Russian immigrants in 1900, and is similar to the common cultivated garlic, but preferably not combined in one recipe.

Features of red garlic

Russian garlic looks like a large version of traditional garlic, each head of Russian garlic has 4 -6 cloves, one lobe of it can be larger than the entire head of traditional garlic, it is also easier when peeling, this plant has a long stem and edible leaves, and during spring and summer it blooms in the above pink flower.

Health benefits of Russian red garlic

Since it belongs to the traditional garlic family, the onion family, Russian garlic has the same nutritional features of all species listed under the name “garlic” leek and onion.

Specialists talk about the benefits of this plant as it contains ingredients known as bioflavonoids and allyl sulfides that are associated with reducing heart disease problems and certain types of cancer.

A study published in 2007 suggested that garlic consumption boosts the amounts of hydrogen sulfide in the blood, a chemical compound that can increase blood flow by relaxing blood pomace.

- How to store and prepare garlic

Russian garlic should be stored in a cool, dry place such as a dark warehouse or cabinet, as exposure to high heat or humidity can ruin the cloves and make them soft.

Some specialists advise keeping garlic in the refrigerator but without using a nylon bag to wrap it so that it does not grow to provide moisture.

It is used as usual by peeling the thin paper skin on top of it, consuming it raw or cooked, whole, chopped or chopped, and if the inside turns green make sure to remove or cut it before eating or cooking.

- Suggested uses

  • Russian garlic has a mild flavor relative to traditional garlic, so do not use it in recipes and dishes that require a clear garlic flavor.
  • The taste of Russian red garlic is mediocre between the taste of garlic and onions, so you can chop it or slice it and add it to salads, grilled or smoked food.
  • You can add it to dishes of soup, pasta, pizza in a fresh, or slightly cooked form.
  • To prepare oil flavored with garlic, roast whole cloves in olive oil, and store them in the refrigerator.
  • You can chop or slice the garlic and put it inside the dough, then roast it to get crispy garlic chips.

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