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Benefits of rosemary for coarse hair

Benefits of rosemary for coarse hair

Rosemary for coarse hair-is an evergreen shrub native to the Mediterranean and is considered a common spice with.

The native cuisine of this region has used this pungent-flavoured herb in the manufacture of many medicines for hundreds or even thousands of years.

It helps in digestion, enhances cognitive function, is an antioxidant and protects the body from cardiac arrest and cancer.

Benefits of rosemary

- Enhances brain function:

Rosemary herb is supportive of blood circulation, and also prevents diseases that affect the brain

Like Alzheimer's, they contain an essential ingredient called carnosic acid which is an effective antioxidant, protecting cells.

Neurological damage caused by free radicals, based on an August 2008 report

 In another study in January 2010, it was observed that taking small doses of the herb Corona

Front enhances memory speed and strength in older adults.

-Supports digestion:

Use rosemary to soothe digestive distress and help with indigestion according to the center

At the University of Maryland, it is approved by the German Association as a safe and effective herbal remedy in the treatment of ill.

Digestion Susan Wood with a master of herbal medicine suggested using rosemary to treat poor

Spastic digestion that causes complaints of gases and gallbladder disorders.

- Hair assistant:

The rosemary oil supports hair growth and baldness, depending on the research published by the Journal of Medical Association

American dermatologist in 1998, herbalist Susan Wood, who confirmed that washing hair with rosemary tea.

It helps to grow and increase the health of the scalp, brewing Rosemary in a quarter liter of water for more than one night and using it.

After the shampoo helps hair growth, add that mixing it with boreal powder (white crystalline powder) is used to treat dandruff.

- To be careful.:

There is a long history of using herbs in treatment but it is better to consult a doctor or specialists،

- It should be avoided during pregnancy due to the stimulating properties of the uterus according to the Medical Center at the University of Maryland, USA.

- Its use as a spice is safe for everyone but too much of it can cause vomiting, cramping, coma or fluid in the lungs.

- It interacts with certain medications, such as:

Fluidized blood, ACE inhibitors, diuretics and lithium so you should consult your doctor before using

Any herb in case of taking medicinal drugs.

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