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Benefits of salt for the body

Benefits of salt for the body

A number of mummies preserved in the Egyptian desert were preserved with salt and other materials there is salt in the seas where the sea water is dried in basins on the beaches and left until the water evaporates and the SALT remains then treated and becomes negotiable:

Benefits of salt:

  • There are two types of rock and sea salt
  • An essential ingredient in meals we use refined salt to cook
  •  Rock from it is the strongest benefit and effectiveness in keeping food or making bread and even in cleaning operations
  • Unrefined sea salt contains 80% of the minerals needed by the body
  • Varies the distribution of salt in the human body and its cells and cook in large quantities by the kidneys and in the process of sweating
  • Salt is recommended for those engaged in stressful work
  • Salt is essential for the activity of the body's systems and regulates the heartbeat
  • You must moderate the intake of salt, when the amount of sodium accumulates in the body and the blood thickens, making it difficult to work the heart and less lead to a drop in blood pressure
  • Do not use therapeutic except where extra warm waterproof wash the body by cleansing it of germs and removes dead skin, making it soft as it relaxes the nerves and muscles
  • The sodium component of salt keeps the liquid substance in the blood and tissues thus making the amount of water balanced in the body
  • Iodine plays an important role in the nutrition and strengthening of brain cells thus after their damage
  • Used in cleaning some metals such as silver, copper and some household utensils
  • It is very important to moderate and balance the intake of salt, it is a double-edged weapon

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