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Benefits of sesame oil for the body

Benefits of sesame oil for the body

Sesame oil is one of the lesser known vegetable oils but in fact it is one of the most important alternatives to natural vegetable oils, but we always advise you to consult your doctor before making any dietary decision, this information is general information and its effect may vary from person to person .

What are the benefits of sesame oil to the human body?

  1. Sesame oil comes from sesame seeds that were first found in African and have also been grown in Indian provinces .
  2. Sesame oil is widely used in cooking especially in Asian cuisine such as Japan, China and others .
  3. Has been mentioned in ancient Indian texts as good for human health it is anti-bacterial natural
  4. Contains a number of vitamins and minerals (calcium , zinc , iron , calcium , phosphorous , potassium ,magnesium manganese, etc.) proteins and fibers .
  5. Sesame oil is a powerful stimulator of bone and tooth growth .
  6. Bacteria and germs that cause bad breath, shaving teeth with sesame oil strengthens it and makes it bright white as it kills
  7. Good for depression and anxiety.
  8. The most important benefits of sesame oil are to care for the health of hair and skin
  9. Sesame oil is considered a traditional remedy for hair problems as it protects hair and scalp from bacteria and foreign bodies that affect the growth of hair
  10. This oil is rich in zinc, which in turn is considered the most useful mineral and important for the health of the body and skin
  11. Increases the elasticity and softness of the skin, prevents the appearance of age effects and eliminates skin diseases such as premature aging
  12. Used as a sunscreen, it strengthens the secretion of collagen in the skin tissues
  13. This is another way to protect the body from foreign substances or toxins that might enter through the skin
  14. Sesame oil is a friend of the heart as it is healthy in food because it contains fatty acids
  15. Sesame oil contains compounds that maintain the balance of blood vessels and prevent atherosclerosis
  16. Keeps cholesterol levels low in the blood
  17. It's the best thing that protects the heart from clots that should be added to our diet.
  18. Fiber is the key to a healthy digestive system as it facilitates digestion and helps keep your colon healthy
  19. The Egyptians knew the value of sesame and its oil as they used it abundantly

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