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Benefits of soy warrior blood cholesterol

Benefits of soy warrior blood cholesterol

Soy benefits

  • Used to improve soil fertility as it is considered an excellent fertilizer
  • Soy significantly enhances the amount of folate and vitamin K and gives a large amount of calcium, iron magnesium and fiber so the bodybuilders resort to it men
  • Contains a rare type of protein that maintains and supports body health
  • Soy is based on lowering bad cholesterol.
  • Contains a rare protein that helps improve blood levels in the body
  • It's based on strengthening the immune system.
  • Recent studies have shown the effect of soy on the protection of blood vessels and coronary heart disease as well as help protect against atherosclerosis and thus protect and strengthen the heart and protect against serious diseases
  • Contains strong antioxidants higher than in vegetables
  • New research says that antioxidants that fight cancers, especially breast and uterine cancers.
  • Tweed the body's natural estrogen content
  • Soy milk is one of the most important integrated damages to bone and dental health as it is the most important treatment for bone brittle
  • Soy oil is one of the most important treated and nutritious oils for the skin

What is soy?

  • It is believed that the origin of the appearance of this plant belongs to China and has been considered a necessity of life where it was used in treatment as well as as a medicine, and this plant belongs to the pecan species that includes beans beans and others, and soy beans are the ideal alternative to meat because it contains a high amount of protein and soy has been known throughout history for field meat or boneless meat and nowadays studies have proven the benefits of soy in all its forms soy oil, soy milk, soy powder Flour is usually in several green colors, but it can be yellow, brown or black.
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