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Benefits of spicy green capsicum for the body

Benefits of spicy green capsicum for the body

The benefits of green peppers hot knows by a few people and they don't realize is suitable capsicum warm, these vegetables have the colors glamorous, green, yellow and red, which make it attractive, in addition to its richness in vitamins, especially A and C, where each 100g on the quantity required daily consumption of all the vitamins, plus a lot of other benefits. It can be slightly cooked for more flavor, especially if roasted, and we have already talked about the benefits of capsicum in general .

The amazing benefits of sweet green pepper

  1.  Vitamin A helps improve eyesight
  2. Capsicum contains flavonoids that protect the body from oxidative sabotage and diseases, thereby improving immunity.
  3. Vitamin C is concentrated in large quantities in capsicum especially red ones, it is a water-soluble antioxidant, fights infectious diseases and thus strengthens the immune system.
  4. Capsicum is rich in B vitamins, it is also rich in vitamin E that maintains the freshness of the skin and gives health to the hair.
  5. capsicum helps fight cancer, especially breast cancer due to its high sulfur content.
  6. very low calories in capsicum
  7. capsicum is rich in fiber, and a great choice for those who follow regemat, because it helps in burning fat.
  8. protects against strokes
  9. capsicum is very effective for arthritis patients
  10. pepper gives a feeling of relaxation if eaten regularly for at least 3 months

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