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Benefits of strawberries.. Food for blood and brain

Benefits of strawberries.. Food for blood and brain

Strawberry Frieze is one of the most delicious summer fruit, which has a wide popularity because of its color, shape and delicious taste, and has been considered a symbol of love since ancient times because of its color and shape similar to the heart, the wild Frieze is considered common since ancient Roman times and has had high medical uses and benefits:

What are the benefits of strawberries?

  • Rich in antioxidants , vitamins (K , W , B, are) and minerals ( iron , potassium ,calcium , zinc ) alone and other
  • These compounds combined are responsible for the multiple benefits of Frieze
  • There are more than 500 types of friezes around the world
  • It has a variety of uses such as ice cream, juices , baked goods (cakes , sandwiches), sweets, jams and chocolate
  • The Frieze also enters into the composition of some medicines, especially children's medicines
  • Strawberries are one of the most important nutrients in maintaining the health of the brain and helping it to perform its full functions in old age
  • It is common in the elderly to lose their memory and develop various diseases as with age the brain cells become weak
  • Friezes help the brain avoid these diseases because they contain compounds such as vitamin W and potassium that are useful in feeding the brain
  • Strawberry has a strong weight loss effectiveness as it's low-calorie
  • They are essential for the health of the fetus as they help it develop normally and strengthen the health of the mother
  • Strawberry juice is very good at compensating for hypoglycemia
  • Maintains cardiovascular health as it lowers cholesterol in the blood and helps maintain low blood pressure
  • It is good for diabetics
  • Contributes to strengthening the ability of the eye to perform its functions with age
  • It also fights free radicals that cause body cancers
  • Strawberries are useful for the health of hair and skin because of its high nutritional components
  • And finally, some people are allergic to strawberries, despite their high nutritional importance.

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