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Benefits of truffles .. Eye and skin medication

Benefits of truffles .. Eye and skin medication

Is a type of mushroom belonging to the truffle family and is famous for a wide number of people thought that it is caused by Thunder, where it abounds and appears after thunder and heavy rain and is not considered a plant, but is a micro-organism and multiply and branch underground so called this truffle and varies size and shape depending on its type 

Benefits of dietary truffles :

  • Truffles surpass all types of breakfast in nutritional value
  • Truffles are a delicious and integral health food
  • Soup is also added to meat and vegetable dishes
  • There are different types of white , blue , black
  • Rich in proteins, starches, polysaccharides and amino acids necessary for the growth of body tissue cells
  • Minerals supporting the functioning of the main body systems (heart and brain ) such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, iron and others
  • Contains a large amount of vitamin B which gives health to the eye, skin and nails
  •  Truffles are poor in harmful body fat
  • Truffles are considered one of the most important foods for the eye as they protect it from several diseases regenerating fiber-forming tissue cells
  • It was mentioned in the Sunnah that truffle water heals the eye and this is proved by modern medical studies
  • Where they extracted the juicers of water from the truffle and dried it until its shelf life to be used longer
  • Essential vitamins A and B for healthy hair and nails
  • It prevents cracking and cracking of nails and gives them a healthy appearance
  • Strengthens and nourishes hair and eliminates the manifestations of damage and weakness
  • Say the work of the heart and blood vessels and protects them from various diseases that affect it
  • Strengthens memory, nourishes brain cells, and prevents diseases such as Alzheimer's and others
  • It gives the skin a healthy appearance and protects it from age factors and is an excellent treatment for cracked lips.

Damage to truffles :

Some people are allergic to the direction of mushrooms in general and truffles in particular and their symptoms appear in the form of a rash or itching
It is also recommended not to eat it for those with digestive disorders of the stomach and intestines
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