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Benefits of vegetables and fruits by color

Benefits of vegetables and fruits by color

What are the benefits of vegetables and fruits to work? The eyes speak a million words without moving the tongue, and their beauty tells the world how healthy you are and a balanced and healthy mind.

Sparkle Bright Health and vision for those who suffer from poor eyesight, and vision, requires a combination of vitamins and minerals found in vegetables and fruits useful for addition to carbohydrates, fats, and proteins .The safety of the eye from common acids makes it bright and charming with age .

Benefits of vegetables and fruits according to colors

White fruits and white foods: white foods keep your eyes shiny shiny because they contain beta-glucan, and EGCG also found in green tea, and SDG also found in flax seeds, sunflower, pumpkin and sesame, eating white foods such as bananas, mushrooms, onions, garlic, turnips, egg whites, whole grains, salmon and tuna fish balanced with whole grains, reduce the incidence of macular degeneration, eating omega-3 in fish prevents aging and the development of eye diseases such as retinitis pigmentosa, dry eye syndrome.

 Violet and blue: foods in this Color contain lutein, flavanoids, anthocyanins, zeaxanthin, ellagic acid, resveratrol, quercetin, proanthocyanidin and vitamin C. These include blue and red grapes, blackberries, raisins, dried plums, cranberries, eggplant and purple cabbage. The use of grape seeds in China is to protect the eye from oxidation and thus prevent cataracts (cataracts).

 Green: eat green foods such as the best option for aging and macular degeneration, retinal damage, blue water but most importantly their benefit to shine in your eyes. They are the most concentrated antioxidants, containing vitamin A, C, E, B, potassium, calcium, zinc and iron. The most important is lutein, which helps protect your eyes from UV oxidation. They are found in spinach, broccoli, cabbage, green bell peppers and cucumbers . A cup of spinach juice, soup or salad strengthens the eye and prevents hair loss.

 Yellow and orange : the color of fruits and vegetables rich in (beta-cryptoxanthin) that turn to vitamin (A) vitamin c, folic acid and eating these foods rich in carotenoids reduce the development of macular degeneration, which affects the retina of the eye, its sources, apricots, carrots, lemon, mango, papaya, oranges, peaches, pears, and pumpkins.

 Red: red foods such as Violet and blue foods, are added with powerful antioxidants that fight diseases and give you big eyes. And tomatoes are at the top of this list because of the high amount of lycopene.  As well as red beets, apples, cherries, strawberries, red grapes, watermelon, and red onion. People who have a lower level of lycopene in the blood more prone to macular degeneration .

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