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Benefits of walnuts for sex

Benefits of walnuts for sex

The benefits of walnuts are great, it is the oldest tree planted by man, and it is one of the huge trees that benefits from its wood, and there are about 30 types of walnuts, and walnuts have been considered a symbol of wisdom and rationality in ancient peoples, it has been described for thousands of years as a complete food basket because of its important elements of the human body and mind.

Here are the benefits of the amazing nut:

  • Eating walnuts three times a week prolongs life, provides the body with energy and activity and is recommended for married people.
  •  Walnut oil has many benefits because the fruit contains many oils, protein substances and vitamins
  • Where I'm not strong potency and elimination of skin pigmentation that appears after sun exposure or when some of the ladies after or during pregnancy
  • Walnut oil strengthens hair and helps increase its length as it contains vitamin B7
  • Walnuts are an important and rich source of human energy and activity as it contains vitamins salts antioxidants protein and fiber
  •  Rich in omega-3 fatty acids helps strengthen memory and prevent diseases such as Alzheimer's and cancer
  • It plays a big role in depression patients and prevents them from developing it
  •  It also contains antioxidants that maintain heart health and lower blood pressure
  • Walnuts are free of cholesterol and even help to lower its level in the blood
  • Walnuts are hypoglycemic, which reduces the risk of developing this disease
  • Vitamin F prevents wrinkles and signs of aging and keeps skin shiny and supple
  •  Walnut is very good for the health of the fetus and its mother it strengthens the nervous and immune system of the fetus and also provides the mother with energy and prevents blood clots
  • It is surprising that recent studies describe walnuts in diets that reduce weight after what was previousbecause walnuts contain high calories and this is not true
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