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Benefits of white and brown Egyptian rice

Benefits of white and brown Egyptian rice

The benefits of Egyptian rice, which is one of the most famous types of grain crops,and is considered the most widely used food as it remains people high energy, and controls the factors of rice cultivation soil fertility,temperature and water and therefore it is grown in the submerged lands, and there are more than 30,000 types of rice all over the :

What are the benefits of rice plant ?

  • Whole grain rice is unprocessed, so its nutritional value is higher than processed and layered white rice
  • Rice are high in fiber, vitamins and minerals that offer protection and Prevention of many types against cancer
  • Rice is included in many recipes and has many ways of cooking where it is eaten alone or served alongside dishes such as okra and spinach beans.
  • For a good stewed rice dish, the rice must be soaked before cooking and add hot water when cooking
  • It should also be washed well before use
  • Rice serves as a fuel for the body, it is an important source of energy with carbohydrates that help to activate the work of the brain
  • Rice does not contain harmful fats, sodium or cholesterol, which prolongs human life
  • The health benefits of rice include control blood pressure and reduce the high rate .
  • Protect the heart from diseases, such as skin and .
  • Rice develops the ability of the immune system to fight against several diseases such as cancer .
  • Rice powder is applied topically to treat certain skin diseases .

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