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Benefits of Yemeni raisins for sex

Benefits of Yemeni raisins for sex

Benefits of raisins right for raisins contain a lot of antioxidants which help slow down the appearance of signs of aging on the body as the brain, called antioxidants in raisins, cationic minerals found in some fruit and other vegetables. These substances are thought to reduce tumors by 70%, so raisins have been found to be effective in reducing the risk of developing colon cancer and intestinal tumors.

Is raisins useful for sex ?

Other research has shown that eating raisins daily for a month, raises the ability of plasma antioxidants, and lowers bad cholesterol.
 Raisins also contain a lot of dietary fiber that reduces the problems of the development of heart disease and cancer, and also helps rid the body of toxins, and raisins are high in calories, eating one cup of it provides the body with calories equivalent to eating 8 cups of fresh grapes. So it is perfect for your Sports, It also contains iron, potassium, selenium, vitamin A, B useful for people who suffer from high blood pressure or acquisition. It benefits those who have constipation or anemia problems.
Raisins also contain nutrients called polyphenolic, which have certain anti-oxidant properties, these substances protect eyesight from the sabotage caused by oxidants in the body, it is believed that raisins treat ED and enhance libido so that it contains an important amino acid called arginine that helps correct erectile dysfunction.
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