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Benefits of zucchini for pregnant women

Benefits of zucchini for pregnant women

It is said that the country of Mexico is the home of the original zucchini, and is used in the cooking of various dishes, and it can be said that the most prominent and famous Shami cooks enter the zucchini in its components, and syrians are known for their use of zucchini frequently and are comfortable for stomach and their calories are low N and in ancient medicine it was said to be cold food, phlegm generator, useful in diets, laxative, and diuretics:

What are the benefits of zucchini?

  1. Zucchini contains a large amount of water, up to 95%, which puts it in the ranks of calorie-poor vegetables often described in meal programs
  2. It contains shallow amounts of sugars, fats and proteins, and is a powerful moisturizer for the skin
  3. Courgettes help prevent cancer because they are rich in fiber that prevents cancer toxins from accumulating in the colon, as well as folate, vitamins and antioxidants that help prevent several types of cancer
  4. Think of the best food for babies as it contains salts and minerals as they soften the Institute welcomes hollow to contain a large amount of money and you should choose for your child zucchini small soft soft
  5. In pregnancy women need a balanced diet so as not to get fat so of the benefits of zucchini it contains besides all those minerals and vitamins on fiber also is more present in large size zucchini and should be careful of adding a lot of table salt where absorbed by zucchini very quickly
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