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Best newborn care products

Best newborn care products

 The best baby care products you should choose very carefully to keep it safe, perhaps the most beautiful days, moments of caring for your baby, and the sense of your nose for its fragrant smell , but are baby care products safe for your baby, so it was necessary to indicate some new facts today :

Baby powder

Magnesium silicate (talc), similar in composition to a carcinogen called asbestos, is also in cosmetics.

Research links this substance to fibrosis and lung cancer, as well as cancer of the ovaries and cervix, for its dust to pass to the ovaries multiplying cancer cells.

Research (talc) links the appearance of pimples, allergic diseases, and there are cases of skin cancer.

Mothers use it as a result of a common mistake that says of its therapeutic ability for diaper rash.


Simply use talc-free powder. Or replace it with corn starch powder. At present, there is no evidence linking cornstarch to cancer.

Foam bubbles

Sure you want to cleanse and moisturize your baby's skin by bathing, but don't use strong cleansers that override the baby's acid barrier, this barrier is a natural moisturizer created with the baby.

Children should not be placed with bubble foam water, because it contains chemicals and irritants that increase the risk of urinary tract infection.


Babies are born with natural fatty deposits on the skin. Which is the best moisturizer and lotion yet known, for Mother massage baby's skin immediately after birth.

Keep away from vandalized soap for protective fat on the skin. Even if it has a mild odor and preservatives, soap may be the cause of eczema.

Bathing babies with warm water without soap, is best only if the doctor recommends a certain type of soap.

Products with preservatives

(Parabens ) is a weak estrogen preservative, and it has an effect similar to estrogen in the human body

It is present in baby and cosmetic preparations in general, a substance that is easily absorbed by the skin, causing health problems in the genitals.


Babies ' hair is very thin, so avoid any type of high-concentration shampoo, especially those intended for adults, while avoiding types containing fragrances and parabens.


Used to prevent infection with diseases, but must be free of (talc).

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