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Carrot benefits for body and skin

Carrot benefits for body and skin

Carrots are the king of vegetables and their health benefits are innumerable, starting with lowering cholesterol and not ending with memory loss prevention.

1. Cholesterol Less

A US study found that people who ate a glass of carrots a day for three weeks had lowered their cholesterol level, due to the rich pectin (a gel found in fruits) that was likely to be responsible for lowering cholesterol. In addition to a large amount of soluble fiber.

2. Protects against cancer

Carrots are important for reducing the incidence of lung cancer, especially because it contains bioflavone and alfa cartind (one of the carotenoid group, which also includes beta-carotene, gamma carotene and zetacarotene, all found on the islands.

This collection of colored materials, namely carotenoids, was given after carrots, especially betacarotene, which is mainly responsible for the color of the orange islands.

3. Sharp view

Carrots do not address vision problems, but they are especially protected by vitamin A deficiency as nightlife, as the pitacaroten in it turns into vitamin A, which is essential for eye health.

Carrots prevent eye water, prevent myopia and night live (night blindness). Numerous research suggests that vitamin A is useful in strengthening vision even for patients who do not have vitamin A deficiency and have vision problems.

Betacaroten on the islands also protects against macoli corrosion, the primary cause of loss of vision in older persons.

4. Reducing memory loss

Researchers confirmed that the islands protect the central nerve system from aging, and in a study of Harvard under 18 years of age, found that men who consume 50 g of betacarotenic sources every day and day, decreased their cognitive decline by the equivalent of 1-1.5 years, compared to those who took them imaginaryly.

4. Sugar protection

The islands reduce the risk of diabetes, because it contains betacaroten, a stunning antioxidant, where a study showed that those with a higher rate of betacaroten, had 32% less insulin in their blood than those with a lower rate of betacaroten.

5. Support bone health

The islands contain amounts of vitamin C, calcium.

Many people, especially women who have entered menopause, do not receive enough calcium, so they need any amount of it even from the islands.

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