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Causes of premature birth in the seventh month and ways to avoid them

Causes of premature birth in the seventh month and ways to avoid them

Causes of premature birth in the seventh month may lead to the death of the fetus before 37 weeks of pregnancy , and the common cause of this condition is that the mother during pregnancy has some form of disease and inflammation of the uterus .

In light of a new study by (Wayne State University) in the United States, the study indicated that a type of immune cell in the mother, called B lymphocytes, will help to resist premature births, caused by inflammation of the uterus, the study was published in the Journal of natural medicine. Doctors say, that B lymphocytes make antibodies, their function is to defend the body against infections, and doctors previously believed, that these are rare or non-existent cells in the endometrium, and that they are not a consequence of pregnancy .

The study revealed not only the presence of B lymphocytes in the uterus, but also their role as an indicator of disease and their role in the production of molecules to combat the disease and stress that causes premature birth .

Tips for the expectant mother

  • Premature birth occurs suddenly and without prior warning, and its causes are unclear
  • But the new study emphasizes the need for periodic inspection, and careful follow-up of any case of inflammation of the uterus
  • A doctor should be consulted immediately, and also the uterus one of the causes of premature birth
  • The study indicates the need for follow-up to B lymphocytes in the uterus
  • They are necessary to suppress inflammation of the uterus, as well as their function in promoting a healthy pregnancy, and the near future will provide therapeutic methods using molecules derived from B lymphocytes to prevent premature birth

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