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Changing the color of the eyes without lenses

Changing the color of the eyes without lenses

The eyes are the key to human health and spirit, and their color is influenced by the genes of parents, but that does not mean that we can determine the color of the child's eyes by knowing the color of his or her parents' eyes.   Following certain eating habits, you can get the eye color we yearn for. See what determines the color of the eyes? It's iris and this color is determined by melanin, and as the baby begins to grow, the color of his eyes begins to change due to the change in the percentage of melanin in the iris.

These foods are not intended for children under one year of age, especially honey and violet tea, which may be harmful to their health.

From foods that help change the color of the eyes we mention:

1- Violet tea leaves: This tea relaxes the eyes and gives them a brighter appearance, and is a treatment for many infections that may affect the eyes and is effective for the treatment of viral skin diseases as well as has proven effective in the treatment of joint diseases.

 2- Honey: By adding honey to the diet gives us great results in getting the desired color for the eyes it works as a magician to get rid of dark circles around the eyes and is a rich source of sugar necessary for the body, and is the first line of defense in the face of infection.

 3- Spinach: It is considered a food that keeps the eyes young, the high percentage of iron makes them brighter, one cup of spinach juice contains 27 calories of energy, and is also rich in magnesium, potassium and vitamin A. Adding spinach to our daily meals prevents cancer, lowers blood pressure, strengthens bones and helps healthy skin and hair.

 4- Fish: Seafood is one of the most rich foods with vitamins and mineral salts, particularly vetanines B, C, A.E.K., as well as calcium, iron, magnesium and phosphorus, which contribute to changing the color of the eyes by adding fish to our daily meals.

 5. Chamomile: This drink magically reduces the rate of stress hormone in the bloodstream and gives the eyes a warmer color, and benefits in the treatment of mucosa infections, and is characterized by its effectiveness in treating sunburn and scars when wiping the eyes with cotton wet with boiling chamomile be careful not to be hot.

6. Olive oil: This magical treatment for all diseases, containing linoleic acid, linolenic acid and oleic acid, adds a calm color to the iris, and adding it to our daily meals is a cure for countless diseases, a pain reliever and a relief for fatigue, and lowers cholesterol.

Foods affecting the color of the eyes include:

Onions, ginger, meat and nuts.

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