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Clean the lungs of smoke and toxins in a few hours

Clean the lungs of smoke and toxins in a few hours

Cleaning the lungs from smoke based on a medical point of view, proved that the body takes 6-8 hours to get rid of nicotine after smoking a single cigarette .

In most cases, the body to remove all traces of nicotine only after more than 30 days, so it's important to pay attention to natural foods. can help get rid of the nicotine immediately after completion of smoking directly or through just a few hours.

1. Drink plenty of water after smoking to get rid of nicotine

You should drink plenty of water it facilitates the process on the body and get an effective result fast get rid of nicotine a short time, and to maintain humidity, for the regularity in drinking water is very important after smoking, because it will help in flushing out the toxins easily.

2. Eat enough vegetables to expel nicotine from the body

Some vegetables such as eggplant, cucumber, legumes and celery can help increase the flow rate of nicotine out of the body, thus removing all traces of nicotine faster than expected.

3. Adding nettle to the diet to expel nicotine

Nettle is rich in iron that helps strengthen the immune system and push it to work effectively, so eating enough Nettle will help speed up the rate of expulsion of nicotine from the body.

4. Include kiwifruit in the meal to expel nicotine out of the body

Kiwi is known for its high content of vitamin C, E and A which naturally reduces the harms of smoking, so eating enough Kiwi will increase the content of these vitamins and thus make it easier for the body to expel nicotine.

5. Eating broccoli contributes to the expulsion of nicotine from the body

Have broccoli a high content of vitamin B5, C and which is responsible for regulating many important processes in the body. Eating enough broccoli helps remove nicotine from the body.

6. Eating spinach expels nicotine from the body

Broccoli, an important vegetable that helps expel nicotine and other toxins from the body, is also rich in folic acid that makes tobacco taste unpleasant.

 Other useful foods in this area include watermelon, orange, carrot juice, and others.

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