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Colon symptoms in women and men

Colon symptoms in women and men

Symptoms of the colon or so it is called by the general public, but it is the colon with several types of infections that cause excruciating pain .

  • Inflammatory bowel disease IBD ( ulcerative colitis)
  • Microscopic colitis
  • Chemical colitis
  • Ischemic colitis
  • Infectious colitis (bacteria and parasites cause infection, infection causes food poisoning)

What are the symptoms of colitis?

Symptoms of colitis depend on the type of inflammation you have, but in general, most types of colitis are associated with abdominal pain and diarrhea.

There are no symptoms that are likely to appear or not, including:

- The presence of blood in faeces indicates the presence of underlying diseases. Diarrhea sometimes cause hemorrhoids, which can cause bleeding, although the presence of blood ( bleeding) in the faeces is not normal, so when his presence review physician immediately.

Dysentery. constant urge to go into the bathroom and defecate.

- Pain in the abdomen can come in the form of cramps and colic, bring with it diarrhea and then regress, and can be accompanied by constant pain.

- Fever and cold.

And other signs of infection and inflammation, the presence of which depends on the cause of the inflammation of the colon.

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