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Damage of preservatives and colorants on the easel and children

Damage of preservatives and colorants on the easel and children

Harms of preservatives warned by a new study of global food, pointing to the need to read the label of the contents on the food cans we buy, the study classified elements that will increase heart disease, circulatory disorders, nervous system and cancer around the world, which has a significant impact on pregnant primarily, children and the human body in general .

Sodium nitrate

Added to biscuits and meat to prevent decomposition and growth of bacteria, over-ingestion is highly toxic to stimulate the formation of cancer-causing nitrosamine

Oyster Oil

In potato chips and biscuits causes digestive upset and cancers and this product is difficult to disintegrate and prevents vitamins from being absorbed

Trans fats (unsaturated)

If saturated fats raise cholesterol, trans fats go further by raising cholesterol and depleting good cholesterol, making your heart threatened

Propyl gelate

It is added to meat products, vegetable oil, potatoes, chewing gum and ready-made soups to prevent their corruption and the substance has been associated with colon and stomach cancer

Butyl hydroxy anisole

Functionally similar to propyl Galate, it is for oils and has a role in the appearance of tumors

Monosodium glutamate

Known as the king of the Chinese dangerous lies in its spread broad East and west to flavor salads, soups and in most restaurants and fast food

Studies have shown a threat to the hypothalamus of the brain, nerve cells and the retina layer, and to stay away from it, you should look for the word citric acid within the product label


Is an industrial sweetener and sugar substitute and its excessive consumption record lymphomas, migraines, loss of vision, Parkinson's disease and dizziness

Potassium bromate

Used in making bread and shows its toxic effect to kidneys and thyroid tumors

Industrial food colorants

Blue food coloring No. 1 has been identified as a catalyst for cancer reproduction, red color(40) as a factor for hyperactivity disease in children and red No. 3 as a cause of thyroid tumors

Butyl hydroxy toluene

Found in chewing gum, potato chips, it is used in pharmacy for graduation vitamins but the study linked this item replicating cancer cells

Acesulfam potassium

To sweeten gas products and pastries and its danger lies in its high sweetening ability that is more than 200 times that of natural sugar

Chlorine propanol

This substance has been banned in many countries and is considered as a major cause of cancer, cans of saucer products are used

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