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Damage to eating nuts in large quantities

Damage to eating nuts in large quantities

The harm of eating nuts if we eat them in large quantities must be taken into account, it is true that nuts provide the body with healthy fats that help fight high cholesterol and heart disease, and according to the Harvard Medical School, eating nuts several times a week can reduce the risk of worsening heart disease, walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts and pistachios, all Including:

1. Gain weight

Nuts are high in fat, and although most of these fats are unsaturated and useful in lowering cholesterol, high fat means high calories. The Harvard Medical School claimed that if nuts were added to the diet, an equal amount of calories should be removed or subtracted from elsewhere. If this is not done, it means an increase in kilograms.

2. Blood pressure

Often offer nuts, salted to improve their flavor, but it adds more salt to the diet, and excess salt can lead to high blood pressure.

It is therefore recommended to eat non-salty nuts or add spices and herbs such as chili to a flavored snack and a pinch of salt.

3. Gastrointestinal problems

Nuts are fiber-rich foods, and fiber is essential to help digestion, but if you're not used to eating too much fiber, consuming too much of it can lead to bloating, gassing, and diarrhea.

Eating too many nuts in front of the TV one evening can leave you living a miserable day afterwards.

The National Institutes of Health reported that adults should consume 20-35 g of fiber per day, and a hand filled with almonds contains 4 g of fiber.

How much is the excess amount of nuts?

According to a nutritionist at the University of Nebraska, one serving of nuts is equal to about 1/3 cup.

She advises dividing the amount of nuts into small portions and eating them at intervals, so that the amount is adjusted and the temptation to eat more is resisted.

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