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Damage to medical colored contact lenses

Damage to medical colored contact lenses

Contact lens damage what are they? Is it safe?  And especially those cheap types in beauty salons that differ from the lenses of medical stores. The danger lies in the type of paste and coating of these lenses, which may cause very serious allergic reactions to the eyes and damage to the cornea may extend permanently


  • It is an infection that occurs in those who share the use of contact lenses, especially beauty salons, and is made worse when they are not cared for in terms of proper cleaning or stored and used for long periods.
  • Swimming with lenses damages the eyes, causes infection with bacteria present in the water , and so for tap water.
  • When wearing colored lenses, it may be wise to see an ophthalmologist if you feel the slightest sign of discomfort.
  •  Pain, redness or irritation and confusion in the eyes, increase the likelihood of keratitis.
  • Sometimes the infection or scratches caused by contact lens surface of the eye, can cause corneal ulcers
  •  Surface scratches open a loophole for bacteria and infections to multiply rapidly.

Corneal ulcers

  • Very painful for the density of nerves on the surface of the eye compared to any other part of the body.
  • When the scratch is healed a scar is formed that can prevent vision and the person then needs a corneal transplant.
  • Colored lenses should be removed when sleeping because it prevents the eyes from receiving enough oxygen
  • It should not be applied to the eyes for more than 7-8 hours at a time as it all leads to keratitis.
  • Keeping the lens should always be in a state of complete dipping into the lens solution.
  • It is not worth rubbing the colored lenses as they will deform and their surface and edges will become sharper which can cause even more damage.

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