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Difficulty sleeping ..These are the causes and solutions

Difficulty sleeping ..These are the causes and solutions

The difficulty of sleeping in the summer and its hot days that impairs our energy and ability to concentrate in our daily tasks and burdens. According to experts at the London Centre for insomnia and sleep disorders in Dubai, sleeping comfortably on hot and humid summer nights is not an easy task.

Exposure to the heat of the weather increases alertness, causes insomnia during the night, and reduces rapid eye movement during sleep. High humidity levels also cause sleep disturbances because moisture in the air prevents sweat from evaporating from the skin.

Even before we care to give you some great tips to boost your activity and productivity at work this summer, we have to think about your daily routine and work. Do you wake up tired and tedious for? Do you neglect your breakfast and eat anything, so-called non-nutritious, while going to work? Are you moving from one task to another without taking a break for any meal or even a cup of coffee?. Often we plunge into a sea of endless business with the purpose of meeting the demands of our lives, continuing at a pace that is difficult for us to endure in the long run. How can you meet your needs in this way?. Dr. Irshad Ibrahim (medical director of the London Centre for insomnia and sleep disorders in Dubai) believes that the renewal of our body system is necessary to keep pace with the current pace of modern life, for this it is necessary to schedule specific hours of sleep each night, take a nap during the day, as well as exercise on a daily basis.

Known truism that most people need 7-9 hours a day of sleep, and each person different needs from the other, and this also applies to our needs sleep, he felt some vitality and vigor after sleeping 7 hours only, while others take in a deep sleep spanning more than 10 hours. Adequate sleep is needed to make us more productive in our workplaces, but it's not just good sleep, its positive effects take us deeper into our lives to live better. Even if your work roles are stressful and require constant vigilance, and if your tasks require special skills and high productivity in a short time, just follow these tips to keep yourself active, alert and energetic during the summer:

Adjust caffeine levels to overcome difficulty sleeping :

We all know that coffee represents the best start in the morning, and it is not necessary to become experts in sleep to know that coffee should not be the last thing we eat before bedtime. Caffeine intake-even 6 hours before bedtime-can make it difficult for you to get to sleep, as well as disturbing sleep disorders. Try some soothing alternatives such as fruit-sweetened water or green tea to give you a refreshing start to your day. It's good to remember that the best time for coffee is later in the morning. And there's no harm in meeting your teams with a hot cup of cappuccino.

Follow a specific routine:

We are creatures with special habits and nature, and we must go to sleep and wake according to a certain regime and number of hours regardless of the days of the week. A long sleep on your weekday will not help, as your body adjusts to a certain biological rhythm that must be maintained. Having a certain sleep routine and schedule can make you fall asleep easily every night.

Take control of your sleep environment: if your work roles require you to stay out of the office and sun exposure for long hours, you'll probably be one of those who take care of many of those things. An active working day requires you to sleep well, and you can enjoy this by taking control of your sleeping environment. Invest in a quality mattress cover good, comfortable and clean scent, as these factors will ensure you can enjoy your experience to sleep like no other. Dark rooms help you sleep stable and deep, and be sure to prevent abnormal lights from entering the room through curtains. Keeping the room calm is essential, and earplugs are also a good way to ensure that noise will not cause sleep disturbances.

Stop your business before bedtime:

It looks like we don't do enough until the end of the day at work. (Don't you understand that sentence?). Not recommended at all check your emails or spend some time online before you go to bed directly. With summer long day and night, it is necessary to make the most of the night hours of taking advantage of her in a deep sleep, so turn off those screens bright right now.

Watch your food to overcome difficulty sleeping :

It is necessary to follow a healthy diet at all times of the year, but in summer the attention should be very special. Consuming heavy and spicy food at dinner can cause severe sleep disturbances, as the craving to eat late at night leads to a sleep that is not good at all. Even drinking alcohol should be monitored, although it sometimes helps you fall asleep, it increases sleep disturbances and early waking. Instead do enough sprains during the day. It is also advisable to follow a diet based on eating meals simple, nutritious, and most important is to refrain from eating before 3-4 hours of bedtime.

Refresh, bathe and wear the best clothes at night:

Finally, taking a refreshing bath and cleaning your body has the magic factor and will give you an amazing sleep experience. Summer days are sweaty, they are also uncomfortable, therefore it is necessary to clean the body well to get a good sleep. Wearing light, refreshing clothing that allows air to enter your body will also avoid discomfort during a night's sleep.

When you follow a routine, ritual strict sleep through the night, it means you will become more calm and tranquillity, which would certainly relaxed and calm about the pressures and challenges of daily business. Go ahead and sleep better, and have a summer like no other this year.

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