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Disadvantages of nutritional supplements for bodybuilders

Disadvantages of nutritional supplements for bodybuilders

Some bodybuilders take vitamins or supplements thinking they can keep them active and healthy, and grow more muscles with less effort.

But the medical fact confirms that an overdose of vitamins is no less dangerous than their deficiency, especially for girls at certain times.

Vitamins and minerals are essential for the normal growth of our body, but we must be wary of their processed forms, because they need careful adjustment of their quantity and the period of use, depending on the diagnosis of doctors to prescribe them, and we must know that natural foods are the perfect choice to supplement vitamins.

Vitamins by the body are divided into two categories :


Like vitamin C and Group B vitamins it is not stored by the body and is easily depleted.


  • As vitamins A(D) (E) they remain for long periods in the body.
  • Risks of taking vitamin tablets ( dietary supplements )
  • The increased vitamin (B6) used in the case of premenstrual syndrome, can cause nerve damage.
  • Excess vitamin A during pregnancy can damage the fetus, and its excess in men can cause cancers.
  • An excess of vitamin E can cause stomach disorders or brain bleeding and may end in death.

The excessive intake of zinc and vitamin (C) may lead to transport copper around, although the lack of increased copper wholesale exposes us to serious health problems in the growth and nervous system and bones.

Excess iron (Fe) in the body is very dangerous for the liver, heart, and sexual desire, and may reach the state of iron poisoning.

The high-dose supplementation of iron (Fe) can interact with antibiotics and make them less effective in the fight against the disease.

Excess vitamin D in the body leads to stress, fatigue, high blood pressure with muscle weakness.

Vitamins A (D)(E) (K) are stored by the body and used when needed, so we must know that the artificial intake of them exposes us to the risk of unnatural increase, so they can only be supplemented with natural foods or consult a doctor for artificial ones.

The vitamins (C) (B), are sorted excess through the urine and are stored around for a long time, necessitating the intake of products by natural foods, and consult a doctor when necessary industrial ones.

All vitamins in their high doses can be toxic and damage our bodies.

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