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Does Red Bull contain bull semen or bull's urine?

Does Red Bull contain bull semen or bull's urine?

Red Bull has me confidence, or so the rumor spread strongly in social media, in fact, used energy drinks like Red Bull and other items, different types of active ingredients, but not any component of which is a level of trust.

The truth is that a lot of rumors noticed long energy drinks are Paul claiming that they contain dangerous ingredients such as manufacturer in non-normal, and in recent years took these rumors turn serious claimed that the drinks contain me confidence .

Rumors that energy drinks contain sperm or bull urine seem to derive from the fact that these drinks contain taurine, an organic acid, and among its many uses it is often added to milk in its initial form ( because taurine is naturally present in breast milk).

Given the name and its linguistic roots and by ordinary observation, some may think that taurine is something made or secreted by Taurus, perhaps from Bull urine, and certainly the Red Bull brand that links the product to the image of Taurus and its connotations of strength, energy, and active life that Taurus conjures, but that does not mean that the drink can contain

The name taurine, as it was initially said, did not come from the yellow of the bull, actually found in the large intestine and the tissues of many different animals and even humans, but the taurine used in Red Bull and other foods was not extracted from bulls ( or any other animals) at all, but produced industrially in laboratories.

- Is Red Bull made from the testicles of a bull, or is it derived from the testicles or semen?

The answer is clear: the taurine contained in Red Bull energy drink is a completely synthetic substance produced by pharmaceutical companies and not extracted from animals or from any animal substances, but all Red Bull industrial ingredients are produced in pharmaceutical companies with high efficiency guarantees.

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