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Drink water with food , Is it healthy?

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Summer comes with its hot and sunny days and holidays, and also comes with the risk of dehydration, headaches and fatigue throughout the day. But despite being a big problem, plenty of fluids, fresh fruits and vegetables as well as some basic tips can easily help overcome heat, dehydration and enjoy good health.

Drinks are the key ingredient in maintaining body moisture on hot days. Whether it's part of the main meal or between meals, a refreshing drink can help provide you with energy and vitality after the body is tired due to high temperatures. Also, choosing the type of drink can make a big difference in how you balance the amount of water and the body's reaction. The ideal drink for hot summer days is either pure drinking water, or drinks that give the body health benefits such as minerals, electrolytes, few calories and sugar but without preservatives or chemicals, preferably organic products.

Drink water with food

Most people are confused as to whether drinking water with eating is a good thing. The fact is that there is no need to separate drinks from solid foods except that moderation is required. It's a good idea to drink a glass of warm water, green tea or soup with meals and adding a little lemon juice boosts the ability to absorb iron and calcium from food as well as vitamin C in it.

The amount we should drink

Discussions on this vary greatly, but what is agreed is that not drinking enough fluids is a sin committed in the right of oneself. Need adult know approximately 2 to 2.5 liters (8-10 cups) of fluid per day to maintain body balance.

Inadequate fluid intake can lead to dehydration

Thirst may not be an accurate indicator of your fluid need. Some of the early signs of dehydration are poor concentration, lethargy, fatigue and dry mouth. As for the chronic condition of insufficient fluid intake, it can lead to over-purification of the kidneys, leading to kidney disease or the formation of tubules. It can be acute drought serious health consequences such as nausea, vomiting, loss of consciousness and in some cases can be fatal. It is therefore important that the body remains well hydrated during dry and hot days, and summer drinks are all you need to meet this need.

Homemade and easy-to-make summer drinks

Traditional vegetable juices, yogurt, coconut water, lemon and herbal teas are drinks fortified with salts, minerals and antioxidants that help fight many diseases and promote health and vitality of the body. Drinks such as rose syrup, lemonade, mango, lychee, cucumber, mint and chamomile are also among the most important liquids that quench the summer heat.

For people interested in calories, make sure your drinks are sugar-free or replace them with alternative sweeteners and plenty of green tea known for its weight loss benefit. We also advise you to strengthen your body's immunity and detoxify by eating green herbs such as cabbage, spinach, lemon and coriander.

Some tips, light and simple from the experts of the monitor, you can maintain your health Westcoaster summer and all its activities.

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