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Fish benefits for sex

Fish benefits for sex

The benefits of fish for sex is an issue recognized by science, where the term libido refers to sexual desire or sex drive, which is initially controlled in men by the hormone testosterone, but in women it is difficult to determine who is responsible for controlling this impulse, so we find sexual desire then more volatile and weak.

As for changes in libido, experiences have pointed to issues of intimacy, mood and physical health, and while there are a few types of food that can support this aspect, a diet rich in fish and seafood can positively influence sex drive.

 How does fish affect the process of sexual arousal?

Food and sex drive

  • In a specialized article on food and its effect on the sexual process, the source stated that the main nutrients can enhance sex drive, especially good foods for the heart such as fish,and to enjoy more during sexual communication between couples, men and women need healthy blood flow to the genitals, so a healthy heart improves the circulation of blood throughout the body, and
  • - The Argentinian is an amino acid used by the body to create nitric oxide, which is used in the genital blood vessels expand. Since a small amount of it can determine the ability of a man's penis to erectile function, and deliver it to his partner to arousal, and the fish contains arginine, such as salmon, cod, and milkweed ( lavender).
  • Zinc-clad zinc metal to the level of testosterone in the blood, according to an article for D. Walter Eddy in Oriental Medicine published in 1997, a moderate deficiency of zinc can work with the proper sex glands in men and lead to a decrease in sperm numbers, and zinc also has to do with the development of early sexual health in a person's life, so men should consume 11 mg of zinc as a required amount per day versus 8 mg.

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