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Food allergy in adults and misinformation about it

Food allergy in adults and misinformation about it

Food allergy in adults is an issue that has been linked to many false beliefs , and it must be known that the closest way to get healthy skin is not what is avoided, but what is followed and done, and according to specialists, the maintenance of hydration is the most important vital element for healthy and elastic skin, dehydration is a major factor in the formation of

However, as far as water is drunk, there will be no worry about drinking a cup of coffee or tea, as long as it does not affect sleep.

False beliefs about food, and the body

  1. the main belief about healthy skin, is that dietary fat is the biggest cause of pimples and skin problems, in fact sugar is the biggest risk
  2. healthy fats found in foods such as salmon, avocados and nuts can actually strengthen the skin, but overeating sugars, including refined carbohydrates such as pasta, white rice, and white bread, is one of the quickest ways to cause problems.
  3. pizza causes cereal
  4. This belief translated in some cultures, to eat a slice of pizza rich in fats and lead to skin problems, but the truth is that low-fat food like a pizza. doesn't have such a big impact on the skin, according to some specialists, especially if it wasn't creamy or rules mixed, however you should take everything in moderation, including Eat the rich.
  5. all fat food leads to skin spikes
  6. Fatty foods like avocados have a lot of differences, but in fact, the beneficial fats in this nutritious fruit are closer to strengthening the skin and overall health, and the same is true of those found in nuts.

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