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Food that raises iron with blood for children and adults

Food that raises iron with blood for children and adults

Feed him flying Iron blood is what you're looking for if you feel sick because your body is screaming for iron.

It is difficult to meet the body's needs for nutrients, and from the iron that erythrocytes need to transport oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body, which is an important element for Tibetan people, and for women who lose blood monthly, one in 5 women of reproductive age have iron deficiency ( anemia). The amount of iron required for daily consumption of a pregnant woman is determined between 18 -27 mg.

Symptoms of his deficiency are manifested by suffering from fatigue, dizziness, dyspnea, chest pain and others.

The most important sources of iron plant

1. Dark-leaved vegetables

A glass of dark-leaved vegetables contains between 0.6 mg and 0.8 mg of iron, and this benefit can be obtained from various species especially kale and even parsley.

2. Chickpeas and other legumes

Legumes are magical plants, they are rich in protein, cheap, and contain a lot of iron, the most rich in iron kidney and white beans, a cup of which contains between 4.7 mg and 5.3 mg per cup.

3. Tofu

A favorite plant, it is rich in Iron, one cup of it contains about 4g of iron, in addition to other nutrients such as protein, it is also cheap and can replace meat protein in a lot of recipes.

4. Grain

As much as dairy and juices contain vitamin D, cereals contain iron, so when you head to the supermarket, buy cereals such as pasta, rice, barley and bread. For example, a cup of oats contains more than 13.9 mg of iron.

5. Eggs 

An animal product rich in iron, 1 egg contains 0.9 mg, but it is also a great vegetarian option to eat for several reasons, the first of which is its rich in protein, low calorie, easy preparation and delicious taste.

6. Broccoli

One of the few vegetables that contain a good amount of iron, some one of broccoli contains 0.7 mg of iron, as it is rich in vitamin C.

7. Dried fruit

Some experts say that dried fruits such as raisins and currants tend to contain more iron than those found in fresh fruit, as they are more concentrated, half a cup of dried apricots has 1.74 mg while half a cup of raisins contains 1.54 mg of iron.

8. Potatoes 

All kinds of potato is a good source of iron, but there are specific types of stock the largest of them, and other food items, some one of potatoes russet containing 1.5 mg of iron, while one cup of red potatoes in 2.1 mg of it.

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