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Foods for flu prevention

Foods for flu prevention

The prevalence of diseases increases in winter, especially colds, flus and colds, here are some foods that help prevent winter colds that also provide you with energy.

Foods that help in :

Flu prevention

1. Fresh vegetables and fruits:

Contains a high percentage of vitamins and hostile that help prevent and also cure colds

2. Hot drinks in general:

In winter, for a warm feeling, the body needs hot and useful drinks and more, especially lemon and ginger.

3. Soups of all kinds:

Rich in minerals, pets and vitamins, which helps strengthen the immune system

4. Citrus juice or citrus intake:

Citrus fruits contain vitamin C, which protects and cures colds

5. Garlic:

It is considered one of the best and strongest foods that fight viruses and thus prevent the occurrence of diseases caused by viruses such as flu or spraying

6.Walnuts and almonds:

In addition to helping to feel full it also contains hostile and vitamins that resist cold and fatigue and benefit the heart muscle

-If you have a cold and don't feel better, see your doctor immediately to take the appropriate action
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