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Foods that cause skin inflammation

Foods that cause skin inflammation

Foods that cause inflammation are many, and we must know that our body's response to inflammation is sometimes positive, as the immune system reacts to viruses, bacteria, and others that cause harm.

It is true that infections are useful and give immunity in resisting injury, but they turn harmful when they become chronic, and you begin to see their negative effects on the body, such as bloating, headache, cholesterol imbalance, chronic pain, heart disease, arthritis, some brain-related injuries, and others.

Like infections in the body, the iceberg in the ocean, does not appear from it only the top, but the most dangerous is under the surface, as well as infections what is hidden from them is greater, and food is a great source of problems, so it is important to recognize the foods that harm and cause infections, and you types of foods that cause

The types of foods that cause inflammation

1. Gluten

Gluten is a sticky protein substance in flour, it is found in white wheat, bread, it is the glue that makes them hold together, and basically it is not dangerous, but depends on how the wheat grows.

Most people mix gluten with starch, it is often used in making pasta, bread, and in any case some starch is good for the body while gluten is sometimes not, and starch is found in most foods such as gluten-free rice, potatoes, lentils, quinoa and others.

It is believed that containing food for starch in the diet is a good thing, but in moderation.

2. Dairy

Casein (protein) from cow's milk is sometimes harsh on some people and causes infections for others. Injecting animals with antibacterial substances that can have an effect on the body may not work, but for raw milk the story is different, most people are able to tolerate it.

3. Ready-made soy

The problem with soy is that it is heavily processed, and goes through a lot of processes.Soy is often sprayed with pesticides, which contain glyphosate, which is considered carcinogenic according to the World Health Organization.Soy in all its forms contributes to several health problems, as it contains phytic acid, a toxic compound that affects digestion in the body, preventing it from absorbing iron, calcium, zinc, and magnesium.

Some studies have shown that estrogen in soy acts as a barrier that can interfere with the body's hormonal function and lead to certain diseases such as cancer.So beware of certain foods made from soy, such as chips, ice cream, yogurt.

4. Processed sugar

These sweeteners are devoid of any nutrients, deplete the body and accelerate the onset of symptoms of aging.

Sugar in all its forms is therefore a cause of inflammation, which leads to weight gain and diabetes, and is associated with the appearance of cancer.

Despite opposing views on the long-term effects of sugars on humans, the sensation declares that they do not have any benefits on the body, and this does not apply to all sugar, natural sugar such as dates, coconut sugar. Dried apricots, Maple juice, are all useful, have positive effects on dental health.

5. Chinese salt MSG

MSG is called monosodium glutamate, a chemical compound of industrial components, and is in the form of white crystals. It is a monosodium salt of glutamic acid. It is used as a food additive due to its delicious salty flavor.

Unfortunately, this product is a neurotoxin, and destroys the nervous system, hiding behind the name of natural flavorings, and any product information contains MSG.

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