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Foods that fight cancer and destroy their cells.

Foods that fight cancer and destroy their cells.

Foods to fight cancer. good to know because cancer cells cannot live in an alkaline environment, have demonstrated the modern discovery that there are foods and drinks in particular are able to reduce the growth of cancerous tumors, the nutrients in these foods gives portability to destroy the abnormal cells without negative side effects.

What makes these foods useful is their ability to cut off blood access to abnormal tumor cells and thus starve them. This implies its association with non-angiogenesis and therefore its ability to stop the growth of cancer, in other words, angiogenesis is the process that creates cells. It is actually the production of new blood vessels in the body, which is more advanced in newborns, and deepens in adults in case of wound healing, where it requires the creation of the required amount of tissue and capillary vessels.

Abnormal cells need food like normal cells, but fortunately there are 5 foods that affect the production of vessels, preventing food from reaching tumors.

1 - tomato

A study at Harvard University showed that eating tomato juice more than 5 times a month can reduce prostate cancer risk by 50%. It is the most rich source of this compound known for its powerful anti-angiogenesis effect, and the most beautiful fact is that high heat and cooking with oil increases the amount of vitamin C in tomatoes.

2-blackberries and cranberries

Both are tasty and useful, rich in healthy nutrients and a large amount of phytochemicals known for their ability to stop the development of cancer, as well as their ability to reduce oxidative stress, and protect against ovarian cancer.

3 - Dark Chocolate

The chocolate beloved by everyone, and the best option, I'm eating a delicious piece can be something great, Falcon says the heart, boosting mood and destroy cancer cells is not natural.

4 - coffee and green tea

A cup of green tea or coffee a day is the best thing to do for the body, both drinks have the energy to improve metabolism and give health to the weight loss process. They are also powerful anticancer agents.

5. turmeric

One of the most powerful spices, with tremendous anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory effects, turmeric also helps in improving metabolism and overall health, so adding turmeric to food protects the body.

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