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Foods that help strengthen memory and concentration

Foods that help strengthen memory and concentration

Memory enhancement is not limited to the elderly. 

We are going through the stage of forgetting some things in a public place or forgetting what we have read and the most annoying situation to forget is meeting someone you haven't met in a while and don't remember or even remember their name!! Students also sometimes suffer from memory impairment, many of whom study and work hard and may forget the information they read and studied at the exam, here are the most important foods that help strengthen memory.

Foods that help strengthen memory:

  1. Dark Chocolate: Contains antioxidants that fight aging and fight memory loss
  2. Berries: Also contains antioxidants
  3. Green tea: Eating a cup of green tea in the morning helps improve memory
  4. Eggplant: Brain helps maintain omega-3 level, which enhances and strengthens memory as well as containing antioxidants
  5. Oats: Whole grains in general help lower cholesterol and thus increase blood flow to the brain
  6. Tomatoes: Also high in antioxidants
  7. Apples: Fights substances in which Alzheimer's and forgetfulness
  8. Grapes and raisins: rich in vitamin C, which helps strengthen memory
  9. Nuts: Rich in omega-3, vitamin 6 and antioxidants, all of which are effective substances in stimulating and strengthening memory, especially walnuts, the shape of which is very similar to the brain and its benefits are great for memory and for the health of the brain and brain
  10. Seafood: Rich in omega-3 that activates brain cells
  11. Onions: Especially red onions, onions are known to be a cure for most diseases in ancient Egyptians.
  12. .Lemon and Citrus: Citrus contains vitamin C, which is known to help strengthen the brain
  13. Meat, especially red: Meat of all kinds contains vitamin B12, which contributes to significantly strengthening memory
  14. Eggs: Contains proteins and vitamins that greatly benefit the brain and memory

- Sport also plays an important role in strengthening memory because it reduces the proportion of fat and cholesterol in the blood and helps flow blood to and from the heart and brain
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