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Foods to strengthen immunity in adults and children

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Foods to strengthen immunity in children and adults must be known, to follow in our diet these foods and give our family the important nutrients it needs daily .

Herbal tea for all ages

Herbal tea is the process of soaking traditional medicinal herbs with boiling water whether fresh or dried, herbs throughout the long medical history have shown important properties in supporting human immune capabilities against colds and flu, fighting infections of all kinds without the occurrence of side effects in moderate doses prescribed medically for each case, and can be taken for adults and children over the age of.

Probiotics support the immune development of children

Digestive probiotics are a supportive component of the immune system in children, reduce the risk of respiratory infections, reduce the risk of skin allergies and eczema, are recommended naturally from milk, and its artificial supplements are recommended only after consulting a doctor to protect the pancreas .

Support the immune system of the elderly with nutrients

Getting older makes the immune system vulnerable to a range of functional changes that increase the risk of respiratory infections such as colds and flu, and this is already indicated in the need to drink herbal tea regularly .

It is worth mentioning here about the specificity of the zinc component for older men in strengthening immunity, supporting testosterone levels, and protecting the prostate .

Zinc is best balanced by natural sources, so you should consult your doctor with artificial supplements in case of shortage to avoid side effects .

Eat fruits and vegetables

Australian Bureau of Statistics research suggests the importance of supporting our diet with fruits and vegetables, especially for adolescence and adulthood, to boost the body's levels of essential vitamins and minerals in strengthening the immune system, especially those associated with vitamin C).

Eating mushrooms

Some species of mushrooms possess unique medicinal qualities, as well as strong value for the body's defense capabilities, as well as antiviral benefits.

Stay away from anxiety, stress and anger

Stress, anxiety, stress and anger are the most harmful enemies of the body's immune system, which causes an autoimmune disorder based on attacking friendly body cells.

It should be noted for the function of the immune system in encircling cancer cells in the body to prevent them from spreading, so that psychological stress and anxiety break the encirclement of these cells to expand and spread, raising the risk of disease and cancers.

Mental health doctors find the best support for the immune system, some of which are yoga, light sports and others share their work.

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