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For a deep sleep .. Eat these foods

For a deep sleep .. Eat these foods

It is known that eating fatty meals and heavy foods will disturb your sleep at night, so you try to avoid it, but instead enjoy several foods and drinks that put you in a sleep-friendly mood, and there are some foods that make you numb, because they contain homocysteine tryptophan (which controls the relaxation chemistry in the brain such as serotonin and melatonin), whole grains (which

If you want a night's sleep, have a snack two hours before going to bed, including:

1 half a banana and a hand filling of almonds, the combination of tryptophan, carbohydrates and magnesium makes you drowsy, and if you are not one to prefer bananas replace it with cherries (the main source of melatonin).

2. Whole grains with peanut butter: another magical combination.

3. A small glass of warm milk helps a better sleep, it is rich in magnesium, calcium and tryptophan.

4. A small dish of whole grains with milk:

And be low-sugar cereals, which do not raise blood sugar and keep you active and healthy.

Or choose warm oats with milk (oats are rich in melatonin).

5. Half a sandwich of Abyssinian chicken (the most famous source of tryptophan) wrapped in a loaf of wheat bread (rich in magnesium and complex carbohydrates), with low-sugar cranberry sauce (optional).

6. A cup of herbal tea (no caffeine), such as chamomile, valerian, and other high-impact housing, and desire multiplier effect, add a teaspoon of honey. And stay away from ginseng because it energizes.

Finally, make sure you don't overburden your stomach and don't consume too many calories to calm yourself before bed and get a deep sleep

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