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Get rid of kitchen germs with these steps

Get rid of kitchen germs with these steps washing hands in the kitchen

Kitchen germs of germs that are difficult for us to prevent the spread, especially in the season of diseases and flu, no one likes to get sick, nor that the flu knock on his door, VT dealing with the disease is painful, where not only feel physically debilitating, but also find yourself mentally exhausted and do not want to go to work, And you'll find it hard to avoid sick people.

But those fears can change, by steps that keep the kitchen clean and germ-free, and the season will pass without the disease.

1. Wash hands more often than usual

You often wash your hands a lot while cooking, but during the cold and flu season, you'll need to redouble your efforts to keep them clean.

2. Change kitchen towels daily

Because you will wash your hands more than usual, make sure you always use a sterile, dry towel to dry your hands, and every morning, throw the old towel into the basket, replace it with a clean, dry one, or even two towels for your hands, the other for drying dishes.

3. Wipe all kitchen handles and power switches regularly

When was the last time you sterilized the handle of your refrigerator or microwave from the outside?

Form places that touch their frequent patches suitable germs that cause the flu, but cleaning them permanently will keep the disease away from you and your family.

Use a disinfectant sprayer to sanitize your kitchen power switches, stove handles, refrigerator handles, and used controllers.

4. Sterilizing and cleaning tools

Cleaning and sterilizing the House will do its thing when the tools you will use in this process, itself, are clean and sterile.

Sterilize the dish brush with soap and vinegar, place the sponges in the microwave to kill germs, and throw the mop head into the washbasin to clean it thoroughly.

5. Sterilization of kitchen surfaces

Wiping out spilled liquids and cleaning up the mess is one thing, but you also have to sterilize kitchen countertops. Think of every surface area where germs can be present, and you don't know sometimes, for example, one of your family members might come and put a contaminated fork on the surface next to the sink before transferring it to the dishwasher, and someone else might come and wash an Apple, and put it in the same place where the juice cup spilled.

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