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Golden tips for avoiding mental illness

Golden tips for avoiding mental illness

Mental illness will turn our lives into an intolerable hell. age, oblivious to this phrase, may halve our lives, which seems to us to be a fast train full of useless daily activities. But by adopting the concept of mindfulness, we learn to take a break from life, breathe and employ all our senses to perceive the importance of the present with openness and curiosity. Thus, we are free to choose the issues that should draw our attention and attention.

Tips for coping with mental illness

  1. Try to find peace and happiness again by spending more time in the picturesque nature, whether by enjoying the magnificent landscapes of a resort, or parks, go for an open space that is not filled with passers-by and contemplate .
  2. Breathe well! Yes, learn to inhale and exhale from the nose and be sure to inhale air up to the bottom of the stomach with every breath you take. By adopting this breathing method, you will contribute to the activation of the sympathetic nervous system, which is, in short, the device of rest and relaxation. So, be sure to adopt this breathing method regularly and you will be on the right path to inner peace.
  3. Allocate time at the beginning and end of your day to name 3 things that make you feel grateful. Gratitude generates a sense of sufficiency and happiness, which is what we all strive for.
  4. Make a good deed or a kind gesture to others every day. This work promotes a sense of attachment to the well-being of others and thus contributes to your well-being and the well-being of the whole universe.

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