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Hair loss treatment for women

Hair loss treatment for women

Platelet rich plasma treatment for skin rejuvenation and hair loss treatment

Have you ever noticed a build-up of falling hair? Hair loss, or baldness, has become a nuisance for an increasing number of people, with 35 million men and 21 million women suffering from this problem worldwide. This problem can start at 35 years of age or even less for men who may lose 40% of their hair.

What is hair loss?

Hair loss or baldness is defined as the regression of the starting line of the hair back on the scalp, and may be temporary or permanent. Studies show there are more than 30 health disorders that can lead to hair loss, from vitamin deficiencies to overuse of chemical products.

How can I address this problem?

Traditional treatments for hair loss range from medications to surgeries. However, with the advancement of medical science and technology, non-surgical options are available today such as PRP injection therapy that relies on cell regeneration and generation for healthier and fresher hair and skin. Dr. Nancy labeb, dialectical pathologist at Medcare Hospital, the leading provider of the best private healthcare services, answers some of the questions about this treatment and its importance as a non-surgical option for all who want to get rid of hair loss problems.

What is plasma therapy ?

Plasma therapy is based on the process of cell regeneration and the vital elements necessary for skin vitality, such as collagen, the protein that makes up most of the second layer of the skin, to make the skin more vibrant and youthful by enhancing its firmness and strength. Therefore, when signs of aging appear on the face, neck, hands and other parts of the skin due to aging, a person loses a high percentage of collagen. Plasma injection is rich in platelets, which in turn stimulate the division of stem cells responsible for regenerating damaged cells, to produce the body's own collagen, regenerate tissues, reduce the symptoms of aging and promote blood circulation that nourishes the skin with the necessary substances needed to maintain its freshness. Plasma injections stimulate the stem cells in the scalp and regenerate the cells responsible for generating hair from the roots, leading to the appearance of new hair in areas without hair due to genetic or hormonal factors.

Is plasma injection therapy safe or has side effects?

The safety component of PRP injection treatment comes from the method of its formation, where these treatments rely on the separation of one of the components of the patient's blood (plasma) and re-injection it again in several ways, including inside the skin by the method of Mesotherapy to restore the freshness of the skin, or injected into the scalp also by the method of Mesotherapy to Re-grow hair, it is also added to the self-fat that has been withdrawn from the same patient to re-inject it with Platelet - rich plasma injection technology stimulates the production of collagen and elastic fibers in the skin by adding thrombin to the plasma in certain proportions and injecting it into the skin in FILLERS. Platelet plasma technology has long been used to treat burns and accelerate the healing of postoperative wounds, and is currently used in plastic surgery globally. In this sense, this method is completely safe and does not cause any side effects at all even in the long term because it depends on the injection sites of the same patient and therefore there is no risk of transmission of infection to the patient.

How to prepare plasma injections?

Platelet-rich plasma injection is prepared through the preparation of tubes prepared in a scientific and thoughtful way where a simple amount of blood drawn from the patient is placed, and then work to separate platelet-rich plasma cells from red blood cells by placing tubes containing blood samples drawn by a special device for the separation process. The doctor then plasma injections, PRP (blended with stimulating platelets secrete growth factors which are inside it) in the place to be injected according to the treatment plan .

 What are the use cases of PRP plasma injection?

Plasma injections rejuvenate skin components, give it a better texture and greater radiance, as well as achieve the effects of acne scars. These injections are also used to reduce the effects of acne scars, relieve facial and superficial hand wrinkles as well as fine expressive lines, and in cases of hair loss, lighten dark circles around the eyes. Injections are also used in the process of adding PRP plasma to endogenous fat and are used to inject fat into all areas of the body, face, hands, and buttocks. Moreover, injections can be used to treat various skin pigmentation, treat sagging and tightening skin to make the face and body look more youthful, and resist aging to avoid the need for cosmetic operations in the future.

How many sessions does the patient need for plasma injection treatment?

The patient needs to be 3 consecutive sessions with a comma three to four weeks between sessions, as for cases of hair loss the patient needs of 4-6 Sessions interval of two weeks between them. Is based on the follow-up to these meetings on the patient's condition and age where it is recommended in cases of increased wrinkles and work to conduct a meeting every six months in the case of wrinkles, light and less than 45 years can conduct one meeting each year. The treatment protocol varies from case to case.

What are the advantages of plasma injection therapy?

Undoubtedly, the most important feature of this technique is its Safety, Safety and free from side effects. The expected results of this technique depend on good patient selection, for example, it is not recommended to use this technique for those with low platelet count, and it is not recommended to take medications that affect platelets such as aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs (arthritis drugs). A slight puffiness of the face that lasts no more than 12-24 hours is expected and results appear within two to three weeks after the session, which is the time needed to stimulate natural collagen growth.

Dr. Nancy labeb points out that the continuity of the results of this treatment varies from person to person depending on the nature of blood quality (platelet abundance and quality) and the nature of the environment in which the individual lives, but generally lasts for long periods taking into account individual differences. PRP is a huge leap in the field of beauty and the treatment of skin and hair problems and has gained the attention of many doctors worldwide.

Due to the speed and safety of this non-surgical treatment, PRP offers an alternative option for plastic surgery, and may be the best option for you to enjoy great healthy hair.

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