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Honey benefits for men and women

Honey benefits for men and women

Benefits of honey for sex it is known that this simple food has many benefits on sexual health, it promotes the production of testosterone in men, it also contains boron mineral, which helps to use esterthene in women, a scientific study found that a dose of half a cup (3 ounces) of honey increases the level of the chemical component called nitric oxide, which is spread in the blood when sexual arousal, in addition to it is an effective and tonic home remedy for those suffering from erectile dysfunction, where most studies have shown the ability of honey to improve.

When to use honey as a sexual arousal ?

The use of honey as a sexual arousal dates back to several ancient civilizations, where lovers shared this sweet liquid as a sensual food, and is associated with beautiful times, romance, Union by marriage, and honeymoon, in Indian weddings the bride presents honey to the groom as a gift symbolizing the sweetness of life, while in the ancient Viking civilization honey is considered a fertility booster.

Especially in eastern European customs, honey cake preparation is associated with courtship and romance rituals.

In several cultures, gifts of small jars of honey are given as a good cause.

Honey and sexual arousal 

Before 500 BC, Honey was known as a sexually arousing food, and the famous Greek physician Hippocrates is said to have described Honey as a sexual power, and directed that it should be consumed with milk to induce love and a sense of euphoria.

Finally, the father of modern medicine, the famous philosopher and doctor, Avicenna, talked about the value of honey and its benefits for the human body, described it as food food, drink drink, and medicine medicine, and especially advised to mix the golden liquid with ginger and pepper, consuming it as an aphrodisiac.

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