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How do I know the type of fetus without sonar?


How do I know the type of fetus without sonar?

How do I know the type of fetus in the fourth month without sonar ? 

It is a question asked a lot by pregnant women, and there are a lot of beliefs that tell the pregnant woman what kind of fetus she is carrying, for example if she has morning sickness it indicates that the fetus is a girl, and if her belly is low it means that it is a boy, and so, there are stranger myths to determine the sex of the fetus,one of which suggests that the mother First-time pregnant women are often more affected by rumors about determining the sex of the newborn .

 Myths about the type of fetus

1. Downward belly

If the direction of the abdomen during pregnancy down or forward, it means that the fetus is a male, if the abdomen is high or broad in the middle is a girl.

The truth.

2. Fetal heartbeat

If the fetal heartbeat is more than 140 beats per minute, the fetus is a girl.

However, a 2006 study confirmed that heart rate had nothing to do with fetal sex during the first trimester.

3. Swing the ring

She ties her wedding ring to a hair from the father and puts it on her belly, so if the ring swings in circles, she's a girl.،

If he swings forward and backward, he is a boy, and the modern version of this saying is by hanging a pin on the mother's wrist.

From a scientific point of view there is no evidence to prove or deny this, but people who follow the traditional Chinese medicine

They can explain the swing of the ring as proof of the natural forces of the body when working.

4. Drano test

 This method is about adding some dirano (cleansing liquid) with urine, so if the color of the mixture is green, the baby is a boy،

There is a possibility for the appearance of discoloration, but Green is the most common.

In 1980, scientists from the University of Wyoming experimented with the test on 100 pregnant women and found that its choices were equal to those of a coin flip to determine the sex of the fetus.

 Attention should be paid to the fact that Durano is an incendiary substance, not something that pregnant women play or breathe during pregnancy.

 5. Tendency to eat sweet foods

The saying goes that a pregnant woman who craves to eat sweet tends to have a boy, but if she tends to sour food, she carries a girl.

Logically, the uterus will not direct the woman to a certain type of food, for example, when she craves sweets or any other food, hormones can be the cause

 6. Stomach fluctuation

If a pregnant woman feels morning nausea every day, this indicates a girl.

A number of studies have shown that women with many forms of morning sickness tend to get pregnant with a girl.

Determine the sex of the fetus scientifically

Everything mentioned earlier is a little far from reality, but how do I know the type of fetus?

One way to determine whether a baby is a boy or a girl is through ultrasound between the 18-20th week of pregnancy, which gives a good 80-90% accuracy, and tells The Color of the little clothes ( pink or blue) that the family should prepare to receive the baby.

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