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How do we know the shelf life of food cans?

How do we know the shelf life of food cans?

The shelf life of closed or open food cans must be the first issue we think about before we eat one bite, because canned food can turn into toxic food if we lose sight of its shelf life, so we present to you these important facts regarding the validity of canned food :

Relationships cause us to doubt the validity of the parameters

Canned foods may have a longer shelf life because they contain preservatives, but that doesn't mean they're resistant to bacteria. :

  1. bacteria (and other pathogens) may find their way in a can without another.
  2. bacteria will multiply and feed on the food, causing increased pressure inside the can
  3. The Can will be clearly bulging out or even compressing inwards which is an important indicator to doubt the validity of the food inside the can
  4. you should monitor the scratches and discoloration of the exterior paint as a result of some acidic foods, so it is recommended to adopt foods with glass containers, because they will not react with the glass if they have acidic ingredients .
  5. we advise you madam to adopt paper or glass packaging when buying tomato paste, because acidic tomato products will contribute to the corrosion of the metal can .
  6. know that the cans have been stored for months, perhaps, before they reach you, so it is not wise to store them either .
  7. we always advise you to prepare homemade canned food instead of buying it, for example it is very easy to cook a quantity of beans and keep them in the refrigerator instead of buying them canned.

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